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Aging Asia and the Pacific: Developing Long-Term Care Systems and Effective Responses

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28 June 2017, Wednesday

Welcome Remarks

  • Opening Remarks: Ayumi Konishi, Director General, East Asia Department (EARD), ADB
  • Conference Flow Speaker: Wendy Walker, Technical Advisor (Social Development Thematic Group), Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC), ADB

Session 1: Setting the Stage: The World is Aging and Asia is Aging Faster

Session 2: Policy Landscape and Emerging Models in Asia

Session 3: Financial and Economic Implications of Long-Term Care

Session 4: Building Human Resources for Long-Term Care

Session 5: Aged Care Innovations

  • Aging Simulation Suits (Yohei Takahashi, Japan)
  • Jaga-me (Aaron Lee, Singapore)
  • INFIC (Masatoshi Masuda, Japan)
  • 5Bay (Tianhui Chen, PRC)
  • Yihu365 (Xie Qi, PRC)
  • Cognistat (Vivien Santillan, Philippines)
  • Ace Seniors (Nadina Jose, Philippines)

29 June 2017, Thursday

Session 6: Where is Long-term Care? Evidence from the Region

Session 7: Health System Responses to Long-Term Care Needs

Session 8: Social Care and Long-Term Care

Session 9: Adapting the Urban Environment for Aging Populations