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Bulletin of the World Health Organization: Special Theme: Healthy Ageing

Source: Bulletin of the World Health Organization Volume 95, Number 11, November 2017
This special issue of the WHO Bulletin encourages us to change how we think, feel, and act on age and aging in the face of ageism, limited funding on healthy aging, and lack of investment in the health of older people. It challenges us to develop good public policy, change patterns of development assistance, and support age-friendly environments.

Demystifying Ageing: Lifting the Burden of Fragility Fractures and Osteoporosis in Asia-Pacific

Source: The Economist, 2017
This study looks at how health systems are responding to fragility fractures and osteoporosis in eight Asia-Pacific countries to address this public health challenge. A multi-stakeholder approach is required to tackle the problem. Specialist registries and mining national health system databases can also improve evidence-based assessment and demonstrate urgency of the issue to policymakers.
WHO Guidelines on Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE)

WHO Guidelines on Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE)

Source: World Health Organization, 2017
The provision of integrated care is key for older people. The WHO Guidelines on Integrated Care for Older People (ICOPE) propose evidence-based recommendations for health care professionals to prevent, slow or reverse declines in the physical and mental capacities of older people. These recommendations require countries to place the needs and preferences of older adults at the centre and to coordinate care.
Global Report on Urban Health: Equitable, Healthier Cities for Sustainable Development

Global Report on Urban Health: Equitable, Healthier Cities for Sustainable Development

Source: World Health Organization and UN Habitat, 2016
The Global report on urban health: equitable, healthier cities for sustainable development, 2016 presents new data on the health of urban residents from nearly 100 countries, updating the first joint WHO-UN Habitat global report on urban health titled Hidden cities: unmasking and overcoming health inequities in urban settings. The new Global Report deconstructs the complex challenges of health and health inequity in cities everywhere. It presents a special analysis on the impact of persistent urban health inequities on achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.

The Mobility Needs of Older Americans: Implications for Transportation Reauthorization

Source: Sandra Rosenbloom, July 2003
The number of older Americans is expected to double over the next 25 years. All but the most fortunate seniors will confront an array of medical and other constraints on their mobility even as they continue to seek an active community life. This brief challenges the easy assumptions that underlie most policy debates on providing transportation to the elderly.