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Global Growth: Can Productivity Save the Day in an Aging World?

Source: McKinsey and Company, January 2015
The deep uncertainty about long-term growth prospects makes it difficult for decision makers in the public and private sectors to prepare for the future. This research is an attempt to clarify the potential paths ahead. The analysis draws on nearly a quarter century of McKinsey Global Institute research on economic growth across the globe. The aim is to provide a fact base of past performance and future outcomes if current trends continue, and then to identify and estimate the size of the levers that could alter the long-term growth trajectory.

Fostering Resilient Economies: Demographic Transition in Local Labor Markets

Source: OECD, 2014
Demographic changes such as falling fertility rates, increasing life expectancy, migration, population ageing and localized population shrinkage are significant policy challenges that national, regional and local governments are facing. The first chapter outlines the objectives of this study, illustrates the demographic transition across the OECD and globally, and highlights the complexity and interplay of the factors impacting demographic change.

Technologies for Ageing-in-Place: The Singapore Context

Source: Singapore Management University and Tata Consulting Services, March 2016
This white paper outlines key considerations including the needs, challenges, trends and opportunities that will enable Singapore citizens living alone to age-in-place. The vision for enabling holistic and personalized ageing through technology is presented, together with its exemplification in the form of responsive and pre-emptive care and intervention models. An overview of the technology ecosystem to support such a vision is described; this includes the monitoring system, care platform and data-driven models for measures of elderly well-being.

Technological Innovations for Health and Wealth for an Ageing Global Population

Source: World Economic Forum, September 2016
Over the past two years, the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Ageing has examined the nexus of health and wealth among older adults. This executive briefing explores and evaluates technological and social innovations for healthy ageing with applicability to the financial services industry. It builds on the contributions of the Global Agenda Council on Ageing.

Old Problems, New Solutions: Measuring the Capacity for Social Innovation Across the World

Source: The Economist, 2013
As the concept of social innovation has gained currency, more efforts have been made to bring rigor to the field by defining the term more clearly and analyzing best practices in its application. So far there have been few attempts to examine how countries can encourage and enable social innovation. That is the aim of this Index and white paper, commissioned by The Nippon Foundation. The Social Innovation Index 2016 measures the capacity for social innovation across 45 countries--G20 and OECD nations, together with select others to illustrate some notable trends in developing economies.